Tom Harris - Business Coach, Speaker, Author

Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals:

  I can help you:

CheckboxBlue1be happier

CheckboxBlue1improve your creativity

CheckboxBlue1make your business exciting and fun

CheckboxBlue1reduce your stress and have more free time

CheckboxBlue1make your business Remarkable

CheckboxBlue1increase sales

CheckboxBlue1get more (and better) clients

CheckboxBlue1make more money

    Business Coaching helps you find out what you need to do.

    Personal Coaching teaches you how to get yourself to do it.

My practice combines both business and personal coaching into a series of education and service offerings in these areas:


Learn how to overcome resistance so you can get your work done.


Learn how business really works so you can make yours work for you.


Learn the "new" marketing, 'cause the "old" marketing doesn't work anymore.


Your most important marketing tool.  Learn how to make yours fabulous.


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